Book Profile – Up All Night: 13 Stories Between Sunset and Sunrise Edited by Laura Silverman



Release Date: July 13, 2021
Publisher: Algonquin Young Readers
ISBN-13: 978-1643750415

Numbered Pages: 337
Short Stories: There are 13 Short Stories Total, 4 of Which Are Written by Authors in the Melanin in YA Database

Jacket Art and Design: Connie Gabbert
Interior Design: Carla Weise

Audiobook Run Time: 10 hours and 51 minutes (Unabridged)
Audiobook Narrator: Narrated by Taylor Meskimen, Imani Parks, Channie Waites

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When everyone else goes to bed, the ones who stay up feel like they’re the only people in the world. As the hours tick by deeper into the night, the familiar drops away and the unfamiliar beckons. Adults are asleep, and a hush falls over the hum of daily life. Anything is possible.

It’s a time for romance and adventure. For prom night and ghost hunts. It’s a time for breaking up, for falling in love—for finding yourself.

Stay up all night with these thirteen short stories from bestselling and award-winning YA authors as they take readers deep into the uncharted, magical hours.


Dedication: For all the night owls
Find the Acknowledgements: End of Book


Brandy Colbert

AuthorBrandy Colbert
Short Story: “What About Your Friends” – Pages 252 – 276

Genre: Contemporary
Setting: Brockert College
Tense: Past
Point of View (POV): Third Person
Themes/Subjects: Friendship, Isolation, Belonging, Racism, Privilege, Vulnerability

Triggers: Cancer

Characters + Identifiers (In Order of Named Appearance)

Michaela “Micky” – Main Character, Black

Eleanor – Michaela’s Ex-Best Friend, Black, French braids (p. 259), gleaming dark brown skin (p. 260)

Harper – Michaela’s Acquaintance, brown hair (p. 253)

Duncan – Classmate

Owen – Eleanor’s Little Brother, Diagnosed with Leukemia (p. 263)

Tiffany D. Jackson

AuthorTiffany D. Jackson
Short Story: “Shark Bait” – Pages 145 – 167

Genre: Contemporary
Setting: Martha’s Vineyard
Tense: Past
Point of View (POV): First Person
Themes/Subjects: Trust, Loyalty, Family, Love, Friendship, Micro-aggressions, White Privilege

Triggers: Infidelity, Truck Accident

Characters + Identifiers (In Order of Named Appearance)

Candice “Candy” – Main Character, Black (page 148)

Mom – Candice’s Mother, Borderline Alcoholic

Dad – Candice’s Father

Hunter – Candice’s Summer Boyfriend, raspy voice (p. 147), gray-blue eyes, crisp French crème complexion with drops of vanilla extract on his nose, thick hair, a tight curly mop of dust blond tangles, thick New England accent (p. 148), at least 3′ taller than Candice’s dad (p. 150), biracial, golden crisp (skin tone) p. 156), dusty blond curls (p. 159)

Great Grandma – Candice’s Great Grandmother

Jake – Hunter’s Best Friend

Fun Facts:

There are pop culture references to Finding Martha’s Vineyard: African Americans at Home on an Island by Jill Nelson, Mac Miller, Jay-Z

Amanda Joy

AuthorAmanda Joy
Short Story: “Kiss the Boy” – Pages 98 – 123

Genre: Contemporary
Setting: Hoffmann Estates, Hoffman High School
Tense: Present
Point of View (POV): First Person
Themes/Subjects: Friendship, Promises, Secrets, Fearlessness

Characters + Identifiers (In Order of Named Appearance)

Ayana Parker – Main Character, awkward edges (p. 104)

Jada – Best Friend Only Child, perfectly pressed hair (page 99), luminous dark skin (p. 101), perfectly attenuated eyebrows (p. 104), “black eyes” (p. 112)

Malcolm “Mal” – Best Friend, freckles and auburn coils (p. 101)

Mark Hill – Jada’s kiss

Detroit – Malcolm’s kiss, Basketball Player, Khalil’s Best Friend, rainbow etched into his fade (p. 99), hair is faded in the back and long on top and dyed several shades of green, from neon to forest (p. 102), a good foot and a half taller than Ayana (p. 106)

Khalil Moore – Ayana’s kiss, towers over everyone except Detroit (p. 100), locs are usually tied back (p. 102), smells like chocolate chip cookies and boy sweat (p. 109), lanky, freckles (p. 121)

Jaxon – School Co-president

Leon Perry – Classmate, lAyana’s Crush, long head, eyes are too close together (p. 104), gap between his teeth, chocolate skin, dimples (p. 105)

Mr. Huerta – Principal’s Assistant

Dr. Fleishman – Principal

Julian Winters

AuthorJulian Winters
Short Story: “Under Our Masks” – Pages 277 – 303

Genre: Superhero
Setting: Atlanta, GA
Tense: Present
Point of View (POV): First Person
Themes/Subjects: Family, Friendship, Heroism, Selflessness, Trust, Honesty

Characters + Identifiers (In Order of Named Appearance)

Tristan “Tris” Jackson / Raven – Main Character, 6’1 (page 281), gay & in the closet (p. 287, p. 291), 16 years old, Black (p. 289), brown complexion has natural reddish undertones (p. 294)

Nana / Streamline – Tristan’s Grandmother, Former superhero, in her 80s (p. 288)

Arshdeep “Arash” Bhatt – Classmate, tall, thick hair that never sits right, brown eyes, square jaw, angular cheeks that are the opposite from the softness of the rest of his body, 5’8 (p. 281), brown boy (p. 290), 16 years old (p. 291), on the LGBTQ spectrum (p. 302)

Mom / Remedy – Retired superhero

Dad / Asteroid – Tristan’s Father, superhero

Carla Santos – Innocent who was killed

Mr. Fitzgerald – English Teacher

Scott Perry – Classmate, 6’1, lanky (p. 294)

December – Superhero, has an undercut and streaked blue hair, freckle, light brown skin (p. 295)

Faze – Tristan’s sworn enemy, TV-ready hair (p. 295)

Frequency – Superhero

Fun Facts:

There are pop references to Edgar Allan Poe, The Great Gatsby, The Hate U Give, Post Malone

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