We Raised $25,000 for Melanin in YA!


We did it! Together, we raised over $25,000 to take Melanin in YA to the next level as a new small business.


Thank you to everyone who donated, matched a donation, offered a signed book or critique to your social media followers if they donated, tweeted, retweeted, quote tweeted, liked, posted an instagram story or photo in their main feed, shared elsewhere on social media, shared via word of mouth, and supported Melanin in YA through this process. I see each and everyone of you and know that this could not have happened without all of you. Thank you to my friends who were my rock behind the scenes as well, I am so grateful to have you all in my life. I am forever grateful and deeply, deeply filled with so much gratitude.

By expanding the Melanin in YA reach in a greater way, more readers can be introduced to the Melanin in YA database and therefore, open up the opportunity for readers to find books and opportunities new to them. This database is also a necessary resource for writers, influencers, teachers, librarians, event organizers, and more. More is coming and because of you, more time can be dedicated to this expansion. You helped Melanin in YA get here. Thank you.

Thank you GoFundMe for featuring the campaign in their Community Spotlight! You can view that here.

Stay tuned for the online merch shop opening up later this year! Thank you for the funds to pay for the trademark. Thank you for giving Melanin in YA a modest marketing budget. Speaking of marketing, you can listen to an ad for Melanin in YA on TWO episodes of First Draft Podcast with Sarah Enni! Check it out at the links below:

First Draft with Sarah Enni: Episode #305 Camryn Garrett

First Draft with Sarah Enni: Episode #306 Nicole Yoon

The Melanin in YA GoFundMe will remain open through June. $25,000 is a very modest ask for start up funds and more funds are certainly necessary to maintain Melanin in YA past the first season of its inception as an LLC. So if you found it in your heart to donate and have been unable to as of yet, you will still be able to do so for some time.

You can also become a monthly supporter on the Patreon for as little as $1 a month.


With Gratitude,
Melody Simpson
Melanin in YA

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