Book Profile – Flyy Girls Noelle: The Mean Girl by Ashley Woodfolk

Book: NOELLE: THE MEAN GIRL (FLYY GIRLS #3) by Ashley Woodfolk


Release Date: March 9, 2021
Publisher: Penguin Workshop
ISBN-13: 978-0593096086

Position in Bibliography: This is the third book in the FLYY GIRLS series and Ashley Woodfolk’s fifth young adult novel.

Numbered Pages: 142
Chapters: 15
Word Count: Approx. 18,000 words

Cover Illustration: Zharia Shinn
Book Design: Julia Rosenfeld

Audiobook Run Time: 2 hours and 9 minutes (Unabridged)
Audiobook Narrator: Narrated by Shayna Small

Genre: Contemporary
Setting: Mainly at Augusta Savage School of the Arts
Tense: Past Tense
Point of View (POV): Third Person
Themes/Subjects: Family, Friendship, Relationships, Sexuality, Secrets, Responsibility, Honesty

Triggers: Bullying

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Noelle Lee can’t afford any distractions. She’s dedicated to keeping her grades up and practicing the cello so she can get into her dream conservatory. But she can’t stay focused if her ex-boyfriend, besties, and budding feelings for her friend Tobyn keep getting in the way. Just when her life seems complicated enough, her dad loses his job and the much-needed income that goes with it. Noelle has always been a little mean, but with all the added stress, even she knows her attitude is becoming too much to handle. Can she save her relationships before she pushes everyone away for good?


Dedication: “To the ‘Mean’ Girls. Dare to be kind.” – AW

“Don’t be afraid to show yourself kindness the world is unwilling to.” – ZS

Acknowledgements: None


Characters + Identifiers (Main Character + Characters In Order of Named Appearance)

Noelle “Noey” / “Ellie” – Queer, Curly hair, eyeglasses (p. 3), dark skin, thick curls (p. 59), long hair (p. 83)

Travis – Noelle’s Ex-Boyfriend

Pierre – Noelle’s Little Brother

Anaïs – Noelle’s Mother, ER Nurse, dark eyes (p. 4), dark skin, thick curls (p. 59)

Nicholas “Nick” Lee – Noelle’s Father, Chinese, tall broad shoulders, muscled arms (p. 58), narrow eyes, tawny skin, black & messy hair (p. 59)

Tobyn “T” – Noelle’s Friend, Lesbian, short & curly afro with a streak of blue (p. 9), dark eyes (p. 96)

Ava – Tobyn’s Girlfriend, Queer, has braids (p. 11)

Ms. Porter – Orchestra Instructor

Micah – Flyy Girl

Luxana “Lux” – Flyy Girl, 17-year-old

Devyn – Tobyn’s Older Sister

Principal Powell – School Principal

Granna Esther – Noelle’s Grandmother from Martinique, soft dark skin & smells like rosewater (p. 29) 

Tantie Oceane – Noelle’s Aunt

Ms. Garrett – Teacher

Năinai – Noelle’s Grandmother, Chinese, thin amd sturdy, a few inches shorter than Noelle, straight black bangs (p. 51), narrow eyes, tawny skin (p. 59)

Yéye – Noelle’s Grandfather, Chinese, narrow eyes, tawny skin, black & messy hair (p. 59)

Penny – Lux’s Stepmother

Ray – Lux’s Second Cousin

Penelope Chung – Manhattan School of Music Scout, East Asian, tall (p. 97)


Emmett – Lux’s Crush

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