Melanin in YA is Expanding

Melanin in YA was founded in response to a culmination of events showcasing the lack of support for the Black community, specifically in the publishing industry, particularly in the YA space. 

With an increase in statements from publishers supporting Black Lives and zero follow through reflected in these company practices of traditionally excluding & under serving the Black community, accountability was necessary. With that, a no excuses resource, Melanin in YA was born.

In August 2020, Melanin in YA, an online database for all things Black in traditional young adult publishing, soft launched. With the help of supporters, Melanin in YA bought its domain & hosting, hired a graphic designer, and gave away over 60 YA books to readers across the US.

Since its official launch in January 2021, it has become clear that the database is only the beginning and the vision for Melanin in YA and what it can accomplish is far bigger than what it initially set out to be.

The mission to spread awareness about Melanin in YA remains the same. By expanding our reach in a greater way, we can introduce more readers to the Melanin in YA database and therefore, open up the opportunity for readers to find books and opportunities new to them.

Friends & allies, Melanin in YA is asking for your support to cover the time, start-up costs, & resources needed to expand the newly registered Melanin in YA LLC (trademark, operational costs, production, etc). Please share this with everyone and anyone you know who would like to support Melanin in YA on this endeavor. Tremendous thanks.

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Thank you so much for your support.


Melody Simpson

Founder & CEO of Melanin in YA LLC

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